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Biopolymers for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Tissue engineering is the immense area of research in recent years because of its vast potential in the repair or replacement of impaired tissues and organs. The present research will focus on scaffolds as they are one of the three most important factors, including seed cells, growth hormones and scaffolds in tissue engineering. Among the polymers used in tissue engineering, polyhydroxy esters (such as PLA, PGA, and PLGA) have extensive attention for a variety of biomedical applications. Besides, PCL has been widely used as a tissue engineering scaffold. Scaffolds have been used for tissue engineering such as bone, cartilage, ligament, skin, vascular tissues, neural tissues, and skeletal muscle and as vehicle for the delivery of drugs, proteins, and DNA.

Sub Topic

Tissue engineering and Regenerative medicine
Nanopharmaceuticals and nanomedicines
Chitosan-Polyvinyl Alcohol-Ampicillin
Encapsulation vs. Polymer Therapeutics
Crosslinking Biopolymers for Advanced Drug Delivery
Nanodelivery systems
Biopolymer methods in Cancer therapy
Novel approaches in guided tissue regeneration
Bone and cartilage tissue engineering
Whole organ engineering and approaches
Polyamidoamine Nanoparticles for oral drug administration

For more details on conference sessions and abstract submission
please contact
Sandra Lopez | Program Director
Tel: 7025085200 – 8033
E: biopolymer@chemicalengineeringexperts.com
E: biopolymerscongress@gmail.com

London, UK

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